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Jazzing at the Jazzoo - by Temiree by DrummerMax64 Jazzing at the Jazzoo - by Temiree :icondrummermax64:DrummerMax64 45 41 Music Box - by Viccylove by DrummerMax64 Music Box - by Viccylove :icondrummermax64:DrummerMax64 13 6 Drummer - by FairytalesArtist by DrummerMax64 Drummer - by FairytalesArtist :icondrummermax64:DrummerMax64 21 7 Max Thrash (Color) - by Ziegelzeig/zl0tty by DrummerMax64 Max Thrash (Color) - by Ziegelzeig/zl0tty :icondrummermax64:DrummerMax64 37 32 Cavalier - by Sendraxmon by DrummerMax64 Cavalier - by Sendraxmon :icondrummermax64:DrummerMax64 24 25 Zooguardians of the Galaxy - by Ziegelzeig by DrummerMax64 Zooguardians of the Galaxy - by Ziegelzeig :icondrummermax64:DrummerMax64 40 7 Mexican Drummer Raccoon - by KungFuFreak07 by DrummerMax64 Mexican Drummer Raccoon - by KungFuFreak07 :icondrummermax64:DrummerMax64 46 25 Max Thrash Character Sheet - by alec8ter by DrummerMax64 Max Thrash Character Sheet - by alec8ter :icondrummermax64:DrummerMax64 29 11 Photo Shoot - by AJ-The-Fox by DrummerMax64 Photo Shoot - by AJ-The-Fox :icondrummermax64:DrummerMax64 16 5 Sunflowers - by myrza289 by DrummerMax64 Sunflowers - by myrza289 :icondrummermax64:DrummerMax64 20 19 Another Night, Another Gig - by TheWyvernsWeaver by DrummerMax64 Another Night, Another Gig - by TheWyvernsWeaver :icondrummermax64:DrummerMax64 33 24 Squad Goals - by TheWinterBunny by DrummerMax64 Squad Goals - by TheWinterBunny :icondrummermax64:DrummerMax64 24 6 Max Vakarian (Color) - by Sendraxmon/Blenderguy15 by DrummerMax64 Max Vakarian (Color) - by Sendraxmon/Blenderguy15 :icondrummermax64:DrummerMax64 17 10 Crime Fighters - by EmberLarelle276 by DrummerMax64 Crime Fighters - by EmberLarelle276 :icondrummermax64:DrummerMax64 22 19 Max Thrash (Crowdfunding Project) - by Ziegelzeig by DrummerMax64 Max Thrash (Crowdfunding Project) - by Ziegelzeig :icondrummermax64:DrummerMax64 26 11 A Lovely Day - by Temiree by DrummerMax64 A Lovely Day - by Temiree :icondrummermax64:DrummerMax64 24 2


Leprechaun Max by Ziegelzeig Leprechaun Max :iconziegelzeig:Ziegelzeig 113 51 Cliffs of Moher by kippycube Cliffs of Moher :iconkippycube:kippycube 45 7 Cliffside Recluse - By Kippurable by Darkflame-wolf Cliffside Recluse - By Kippurable :icondarkflame-wolf:Darkflame-wolf 17 3 DrummerMax by StarfangsSecrets DrummerMax :iconstarfangssecrets:StarfangsSecrets 24 6 The Fall Cover 2.0 - By TheWyvernsWeaver by D3ath0ps The Fall Cover 2.0 - By TheWyvernsWeaver :icond3ath0ps:D3ath0ps 3 1 Birthday boy by R-FakonWolf Birthday boy :iconr-fakonwolf:R-FakonWolf 260 52 Inktober Day 2: Judy Hopps by scosplash Inktober Day 2: Judy Hopps :iconscosplash:scosplash 15 3 Inktober Day 1: Nick Wilde by scosplash Inktober Day 1: Nick Wilde :iconscosplash:scosplash 15 0 Wildehopps meme thing 2 by juantriforce Wildehopps meme thing 2 :iconjuantriforce:juantriforce 69 4 Final Verdict (Zootopia Story) 9 by Neytirix Final Verdict (Zootopia Story) 9 :iconneytirix:Neytirix 3,338 183
What if...? Life, Cameras, Fiction! I
Life, Cameras...Fiction! Chapter 1 "They're what?"
Artwork by Alamarus

Edited by Eng050599
Nick hung his set of keys next to the front door of their apartment. With a dejected sigh, he shuffled over to the nearby couch and threw himself onto it headfirst. It may have been a few seconds, or a few minutes that had passed when the door opened up a second time, revealing a haggard Judy, who was loaded down with a sizable pile of flyers and junk mail.
"Any real mail?" Nick asked, his muzzle unmoving from the couch. A slight 'hmm' was his answer as Judy tossed the pile onto the coffee table in front of the tired fox.
"Don't know.." she replied. Making her way to the kitchen, she grabbed the carrot juice out of the fridge and after taking a slight peek at husband to make sure he wasn't watching, guzzled it straight from the carton.
Tonight was not a moment for wasted movements.
"Carrots, tell me again why we took two shifts in a row, and th
:iconcimar-wildehopps:Cimar-WildeHopps 12 13
What if...? Ring the Bell V (Finale)
Chapter 5: Ring the Bell Finale
Written by Fox in the Hen House
Edited by Cimar
Sitting back with a smug look on her face, Jade couldn't help but grin at the stunned bear. Not only had Judy beat all of her cadets, but she had also posted the best time all year. "So much for 'breaking a little bunny', huh Ursula?" She was rather surprised at how well her guest had done, but after speaking with Nick about bringing her along she really shouldn't have been.
"" Still shocked into near speechlessness, Ursula looked as if a few fuses in her brain had short-circuited. "These cadets have been training for months and this...this...teacher, just comes along and not only beats them but jumped overthem to do it!" Turning with a suspicious glint in her eye, the polar bear eyed the other instructor. "What kind of rabbit did you bring me?"
"Oh she's just an ordinary teacher. Who runs to and from school each day.
:iconcimar-wildehopps:Cimar-WildeHopps 15 9
What if...? Ring the Bell IV
Chapter 4: Ring the Bell!
Written by Fox in the Henhouse
Edited by Cimar
Ever since her childhood Judy Hopps had been fascinated with her dreams. When she was five, where most children played with blocks, Judy raced around toy fire engines, putting out imaginary fires in the cardboard buildings she would build and decorate. Even cutting out tiny stick figures to 'rescue' from the flames. She would get so into it that she would research the proper guidelines and make sure they were adhered to, even going so far as to create a perimeter so her siblings wouldn't be in danger.
When she was six, after having watched footage of firefighters carrying large mammals and controlling the giant hoses and deciding her size may be an issue, she switched to the idea of becoming a doctor. Her size would not be an issue in that capacity, and in fact, she could be a very big help when dealing with smaller mammals. She pored over every medical textbook s
:iconcimar-wildehopps:Cimar-WildeHopps 12 6
What if...? Ring the Bell III
Chapter 3: Ring the Bell!
Written by Fox in the Hen House
Edited by Cimar
There were very few things Judy disliked about being a teacher. The rewarding feeling of teaching the kits in her class was certainly not one of them. She enjoyed seeing their little faces light up as they realized how to solve a problem or work out some of their science experiments. The glowing progress reports she was able to give their parents during conferences thrilled her to no end. She loved her students.
What she really didn't like were Fridays. Especially when Friday hit with perfect weather outside. Much like today. It was hard enough keeping the children in line when it was the end of the school week and the start of their two-day freedom, but with the sun shining bright and nary a cloud in the sky, their attention was so far gone Judy might as well have pulled the curtains and put on 'Wreck-it Rhino' for as much work as they were cu
:iconcimar-wildehopps:Cimar-WildeHopps 12 5
What if...? Ring the Bell II
Chapter 2: Ring the Bell!
Written by Fox in the Hen House
Edited by Cimar
"Can't...get...this damn...needle!"
Though the words were muttered, almost unintelligible in fact, they still were picked up by the long ears of the bunny sitting in the kitchen. Used to the small fits of her husband, the younger doe took a sip of her coffee, not bothering to look up from her work. Checking off a few more answers, she raised her voice to call out as she heard a loud crash. "Everything okay, Nick?"
A sharp yip came from the other room combined with a second banging sound. "I'm...fine! I just can't get this, I mean I swear why would he come to me? I'm a fox, not a shrew! I don't have anything here for such small mammals." Judy grimaced. Now she knew what was causing her fox so much trouble and she felt awful as it was technically her fault he was dealing with such an annoyance.
"I'm sorry, Nick. When Fru asked me if you would be willing to
:iconcimar-wildehopps:Cimar-WildeHopps 11 4



Jazzing at the Jazzoo - by Temiree
Another fantastic commission from the talented :icontemiree: that I received last month! He did an outstanding job with the ambience and detail in this drawing, and Max looks right at home when he's on that drum kit of his. ;)

Make sure to go check out Temiree's profile and the rest of his amazing artwork!
Music Box - by Viccylove
Here's an unusual but undeniably adorable doodle of chibi Max trapped in a box that Viccylove over on FurAffinity did. He made a few other box drawings like this one for a few other members in the Zootopia community, and they're all just as cute. His box is the same color as his signature polo, and it's adorned with a few music symbols as well.

Make sure to go check out Viccylove's profile and other artwork over on FurAffinity if you're interested! A link is provided below:…
Drummer - by FairytalesArtist
Another awesome drawing of Max Thrash that :iconfairytalesartist: did for fun! He's been doing a lot of zoosona pics for other members in the community, and they all look fantastic in his style! :D

Make sure to check out Anthony's profile and his other artwork!
Max Thrash (Color) - by Ziegelzeig/zl0tty
An insanely awesome coloration that :iconzl0tty: did of :iconziegelzeig:'s original drawing of Max Thrash that he did for his crowdfunding project a couple of months ago. The detail that zl0tty put into this is terrific, and a notable addition he made to the original is the two drumsticks in Max's pocket. So cool! :D

Make sure to go check out both of their profiles and see their amazing work!
Cavalier - by Sendraxmon
Another fantastic drawing of Max done by :iconsendraxmon:! I commissioned him to have my raccoon dressed up as a marching band member, more specifically as a drummer in the Cavaliers Drum and Bugle Corps, one of the renowned corps of DCI, or Drum Corps International.

Marching band was a huge part of my life in high school, what with all the football games to perform at and the various contests to compete at. I was a part of the snare line in my high school's drumline for three years, and even though it was a lot of hard work and effort, it was very rewarding too. So, I figured I would get a commission done of Max wearing the uniform of one of my favorite DCI groups and playing a snare drum while in an epic pose. The results are amazing! :D

Make sure to check out Sendrax's other artwork on his profile! :)


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United States
Lover of Zootopia, avid reader of Zootopia fics, diligent editor of a few Zootopia fics, appreciator of Zootopia art, and overall a really nice and cool guy! Oh, and I play music as well. Piano, percussion, and composition.


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